Company profile

Strength gated living in the blue Shandong Diweier Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd., located in the beautiful coastal city of Yantai, is located in the state of the Bohai Sea Economic Zone, convenient sea, land and air transportation for the enterprise to provide the superior development environment and conditions, the company with a deep and potential intelligent electronic industry, adhere to professional intelligent home security line, focusing on the development and operation of products to the comprehensive innovation awareness and action to drive and promote the intelligent home security industry review and development, currently in Hong Kong, Shandong with the institutions directly under the staff more than 200 people, has become a set research and development, production, sales, marketing and service in one of the modern enterprise.


Company has with Taiwan zongmei Industrial Company, U. S. Philip photoelectric technology companies rely on advanced technology strength developed advanced gating, and a window control, photoelectricity scientific research project, sandy Weill has a full set of SMT production line, motors, transformers, cast aluminum, cast plastic production line. Since its inception, has developed a series of Keith, Kerry, singways, Katie, Cape, Kaiwei, sandy Weill, intelligent remote control garage door opening machine, rolling door, tubular motor, controller, intelligent window machine, remote parking lock and other high-tech intelligent home security products, well received by the market welcomed.


As the intelligent home industry professionals, sandy Weill always uphold the focus, integrity, innovation, standardization, and win-win business philosophy, to consumer demand as the guide, respond to market segmentation in order to enrich the product development, tailored to customer service to meet the demand for personalized, Dewey ER in the face of the overall market smart home, adhere to the distinctive product innovation idea, use the personalized application product development ideas, through unique products, continue to the escalation of the product content intelligent, product, innovation of traditional smart home security market guide market demand and upgrade replacement. Is for the purpose to the production, research and development of core resources, innovation and excellent quality products, advanced strict management system and a strong and efficient marketing system, for our customers to provide the most practical intelligent home security products.


Based on forward-looking products consciousness of keen market judgement, sandy Weill adhere to independent R & D and production, continuous innovation beyond, high level research and development team and a large number of R & D investment, to ensure that products can adapt to the development of the high-tech products, on the basis of sandy Weill and 513, 207 and other domestic leading research institutions maintain close relations of cooperation, and with the Yantai University formed a team of school enterprise cooperation, for Yanda graduate internship in the company, and realize the goal of win-win cooperation.


Sandy Weill adhere to people-oriented and innovative applications and build complete structure, technology, strong R & D team, the establishment of strict norms, system advanced production base, develop a fully functional, customer satisfaction solutions, while also providing first-class quality, improve the professional service guarantee. With the purpose of "high high" strategic thinking, standing in the height of the whole industry, always in the intelligence of home market consolidation and speed plays a key role.



Future Diweier will continue to focus on technology research and development of gating, and a window control and other high-tech products, with the development of intelligent security industry, clutching the opportunities in the industry, to meet the different needs of the consumer, continuous development to wider areas, will also actively promote the Chinese intelligent security home market further mature!