Temperature sensor

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Temperature sensor fire detector (temperature sensor) is mainly used to detect fires.In the initial stage of fire, on the one hand, there are a lot of smoke, on the other hand, substances in the combustion process to release a lot of heat, the temperature of the surrounding environment rose sharply.The thermal sensor of the detector changes physically, which converts the temperature signal into the electrical signal and makes the alarm process.

Adopt imported high quality semiconductor thermal sensor, intelligent MCU fuzzy control technology, alarm temperature arbitrary setting.Advanced signal technology and precise circuit design ensure the stability and reliability of the alarm and prevent false alarm.

Power supply: DC12V

Use current: standby ≤10uA alarm 10-15ma

Action: when the ambient temperature reaches the set alarm temperature (30-75℃), it can be adjusted

Alarm volume: 85Db at 1 meter

Size: 107 * 44 mm