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Calculation of the push force required to open the sash

1. Calculation formula of facade window (upper hanging window and lower hanging window) :

Push force required F(N)= sash gravity P(N)/2* opening stroke C(m)/ sash height H(m)

Window sash gravity P(N)= window sash mass (kg)*0.98(N/kg)

2. Calculation formula of horizontal skylight:

The push force required F(N) is equal to the window sash gravity P(N)/2

Smoke exhaust area and airflow dynamic area

Smoke exhaust area (㎡)= window sash width W(m)* opening stroke C(m)

Airflow dynamic area (㎡)= window sash width W(m)* window sash height H(m)* flow coefficient

The above calculation formula does not take live load factors such as wind load, rain load and snow load into account. When the calculated area is larger than the actual window sash area, it will be calculated according to the actual window sash area.