Window cleaning machine artifact from shandong diweir photoelectric technology co., LTD

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For most families, the ground should be swept everyday but the window is met not necessarily brush everyday, can accumulate over time wait for the window already apparent when dirt, brush rise again very laborious, more do not say a lot of people still stay in the stage that wipes a window with dishcloth.Recently, shandong deweir optoelectronics technology co., ltd. has released a hand-held cordless window cleaner -- JING BAO intelligent window cleaner robot and LIANG WA intelligent window cleaner robot, which use very advanced electric drive to clean Windows. It is expected to be easier to clean Windows.

It is understood that JING BAO intelligent window cleaning robot and LIANG WA intelligent window cleaning robot rechargeable cordless window cleaning machine from shandong dewell optoelectronics technology co., LTD.

The characteristics of JING BAO intelligent window cleaning robot are as follows

1. Four-digit matrix detection

Four - position matrix detection

2.12 strong negative pressure cyclone absorption technology

Scale 12 strong negative suction cyclone technology

3. Plan your route intelligently

Intelligently planning path

4. Nanofiber cleaning cloth

Nanofibre cleaning rag

5. Unrestricted single side adsorption

Single side suction;No limit

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